Information for Buyers

Whether you're looking for your first home, or have been through the process a few times, Jan is an expert you can rely on to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Jan Offers:

     - Complete "buyer book" that outlines the steps in buying a home.  This includes information on setting up viewing appointments, making an offer, negotiations, financing, and closing.

    - Know Your Neighborhood.  Every agent should use this software program!  With a click of a mouse on Jan's laptop, you can access complete information on virtually any neighborhood in the nation.  Information ranges from median income, schools, churches, parks, crime statistics, and so much more.  It even lists all homes that have sold recently, so you can instantly know average sales values (even for-sale-by-owners).

- Buyers' market analysis.  Using the latest technology, Jan offers buyers the opportunity to compare a prospective home with others that have sold recently, as well as those that are currently on the market.  By accessing Multiple Listing Service (MLS) records directly, you can make an informed decision before you write an offer.

- A personal touch.  Jan has sold millions of dollars worth of homes in the past twelve years, and she understands there's more to it than just writing an offer and moving in.  Financing, title insurance, and home owner's warranties are all subjects that Jan can help you with.  She prides herself on making buyers as comfortable as possible with every transaction.

If you're thinking about a move, don't make it without Jan!
Call her today to discuss how she can help you own the home of your dreams, and avoid a few of the pitfalls that come along with buying real estate.  Put Jan's experience to work for you!

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